The End

Well, in an effort to restart this thing and provide myself a fresh start, I am moving over to

Casual Cubs Fan taught me I can do this, maybe tighten up some editing and maintaining a writing schedule but I can do this.

I am still working out a few things but with an impending move to Miami, living in an apartment (no more tasks around the house to do) and just wanting to build something of my own (that I won't fear MLBAM will strike down due to copyright infringement) I am moving on to a new webhome.

There are a lot of bugs to work out and a new hosting system (WordPress vs. Blogger) but I am going to work towards knocking that upstart BN Acehole (haha, I am clever) off his lofty perch.

Thank you and goodbye, Casual Cubs Fan, you have a terrible logo, shoddy writing and a halfway decent site name.

Join me over at  It's going to not suck.  Maybe.

Tigers-Cubs Trade Brewing? and Other Newsyness

Best wishes and prayers go out to everyone connected to Aroldis Chapman, who was hit in the face with a comebacker last night.  Apparently the liner came off a 99-MPH fastball.  That'd put the comebacker, potentially, in the upper-90's when it reached Chapman.  Scary stuff.  Just have to hope that Salvador Perez didn't get all of it and that both men recover just fine (reports were that Perez was shaken up emotionally afterwards).

I Can't Allow You To Do That, Theo - Cubs Get a Supercomputer?

First off, let me give a giant shout out to Mr. Taylor over at  There is a less than 0% chance I would have found this unless he did.  If you frequent this site, I am sure you frequent there where I am a frequent poster during the day, and I must say, he was the inspiration for me starting this site several years ago.

Anyway, thanks Ace!

BEGONE INJURY BUG! and Other Newsyness

If you haven't had the pleasure of watching the new Peabody movie, I highly encourage it.  There was enough going on to keep my 4 year old engrossed but it was all pretty tame and there was a ton of adult humor in the movie.  Good job movie making people.

On to the Newsys:

Splitting in the Desert and Pitching Galore Newsyness

Huh, that's how they do that.
We have had some interesting weather the past few weeks here in Des Moines.  On March 3rd, it was 12 below zero and I had two piles of snow in my yard that were almost as tall as I am.  On March 10th, it was 70 degrees and by this last Saturday, it was approaching 50 and nearly all of my snow was gone.  Then I looked out my window Saturday night and it looked as if it were the middle of January.  Thankfully, I love “extreme” weather (if you can call an inch of snow extreme but it looked blizzard-like out there) so it was neat. 

Pre-Game Fixin's: More Splitting of Squads

The Cubs will be doing Split Squad duties again today.  Hopefully, the guys in Las Vegas didn’t pound The Strip too hard last night.  Mike Olt gets some more game time, albeit at DH.  Hopefully we will get word soon that his shoulder is A-OK and he will be ready to go by Opening Day.  If not, and he needs a month in the minors (don’t think he would) then we might have to rethink the Service Time discussion.

Also, let me know what you think of the layout.  In the regular season I will try to get Cubs lineup, opposing lineup along with handedness of the pitchers for both teams and some basic stats.

Cubs Do the Splits, and Other Newsyness

Today I am trying a new way of typing and uploading these articles.  Figured a Sunday works about best and while Casual Cubs Fan is in its infancy.  Hopefully, I can type these up on Word and get them on to the Blogger software with ease.  Hopefully.

Also, I’d like to introduce someone who is not a sponsor but I’ll be featuring his efforts a fair amount on here and trying to support him the best I can.  Well, I won’t bury it on a Sunday…on a new site.  Just consider this a tease and I’ll roll it out Monday morning.